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  1. A person has tie up with different hotels and he books rooms in hotels for his clients(including family, individual, foreigners, corporate and bank staffs) in Lucknow & Kanpur. He offers Rs 5000 per client in hotel. However Hotels pays him Rs 1000/- as his commission. Now He doesn’t want to be a mediator(commission agent) between hotels & clients. He wants to raise his own bills of 5000 per head directly to his clients & when he receive amount from clients then pay Rs 4000+taxes to hotels. From now on he wants to do the aforesaid business.
    I want to know:
    Point No: 1- Is he allowed to directly charge bill to his clients in fact he is not the owner of any hotel but prepare bill (as usually prepared by the hotel to its clients) on his bill books in the name of business(by what ever name called).

    Point No: 2- Under what type of service would I need to register it in service tax registration form.


    Please find the attached file of my CV

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