Relieving Letter Format, Format of Relieving Letter in doc

Relieving Letter Format, Format of Relieving Letter in doc. Download Relieving Letter Format in MS Word Format. Download Various types of Relieving Letter Format in Word Format. Format of Relieving Letter in doc format. Download Required A Sample Relieving Letter Format – Doc Download. We Upload Various Type of Relieving Letter Format in MS Word. Now check more details for “Relieving Letter Format, Format of Relieving Letter” in doc from below…


Relieving Letter Format, Format of Relieving Letter in doc

Here we are Providing Some Samples for Relieving Letter Format. You may check these formats online and we also upload these files in MS Word Format so After check Samples of Relieving Letter Format you may download these samples in MS Word. we upload many type of Relieving Letter Format. Now check Relieving Letter Format samples from below

Relieving Letter Format CAknowledge

Date :


Dear Mr. ,

This refers to your letter dated ___________  resigning from the services of the company and requesting us to relieve you by ______________

We write to inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you shall be relieved of your duties with effect from close of working hours of _______________

You are requested to hand over all the property of the company including files, correspondence, specifications, brochures, books and other documents of any nature whatsoever, to your HOD or to the person authorized by him.

We wish to re-emphasize the following clause of your terms of appointment:

  1. You will not disclose to any unauthorized person, either during or after your employment with the Company, for any reason, any information about the interest or business of the Company or any affiliated companies.
  1. You will not carry with you outside the office premises, any documents, books and other property belonging to the Company and relating to the Company affairs unless you are authorized by the management to do so.

You are requested to confirm that you have not made or retained any copy or photocopy of any of the documents made available to you during the course of your employment with us.

Your dues, if any, will be settled by the Accounts Department as per the HR policy and guideline.

Please sign a copy of this letter in token of your acceptance and confirmation of the issues mentioned above.

With best wishes,

Yours very truly,
For  CAknowledge Pvt. Ltd. 

Raju Chodhary

I accept and confirm the issues mentioned in the letter


Check Another format for Relieving Letter or Acceptance of resignation

Ref: HR
Date: 05/08/2016


Sub: – Acceptance of resignation

Dear Mr. xx,

We are in receipt of your resignation letter dated 05th August 2016 we would like to inform you that the same has been accepted by the Company w.e.f. 00th Month 2016 and you will be relieved after the closure of office hours.

You are requested to settle your dues, if any, from the Accounts Department and obtain the clearance certificate accordingly.

For CAknowledge PVT LTD.



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