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Frequently Asked Questions for CA Exam Forms Nov 2016

Frequently Asked Questions for CA Exam Forms Nov 2016, CA Final and CA IPCC Online Exam Forms are start and There are many Queries Regarding CA Exam Form May 2016. Here we are providing all Exam Related Questions and there Solutions. ICAI Online Exam Form Nov 2016, Online Exam For IPCC Nov 2016 Exams, CA Final Online Exam Form May 2016. We Provide Solutions for CA online Examination Form Nov 2016 Related Queries, Queries Related to CA online Exam Form Nov 2016 or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on filling up May 2016 CA Exam forms, on-line, Recently we also provide CA IPCC Final Exam Time Table Nov 2016 Now you can scroll Down Below and Check all Frequently Asked Questions for CA Exam Forms Nov 2016


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Frequently Asked Questions for CA Exam Forms Nov 2016

FAQ CA Final, CA IPCC Exam Form may 2015

1. What is the cost of on-line form for Nov, 2016 exam?

On-line exam forms for Nov 2016 CA exam are free. Candidates are not required to pay the cost of exam application form for Nov  2016 CA exam, if they apply on-line.

2. What is the cost of physical form for Nov  2016 exam?

The cost of physical forms of Intermediate (IPC) Exam/Final exam MAY 2016 is Rs 1000/-

3. What is the exam fees?

Details Final Intermediate (IPC)
Single group Rs.1500 Rs. 1200
Both groups Rs.2700 Rs. 1900
Any of the units 1 to Unit 8 of Intermediate (IPC) Exam Not applicable Rs. 1200
Unit 9 of Intermediate (IPC) Exam Not applicable Rs. 1900
Overseas centres(Whether single or both groups) $480 $420
Nepal INR 3600 INR 2700

4. What is the last date for submission of forms?

Last date for submission of on-line/physical forms without late fee – 26-08-2016
Last date for submission of on-line/physical forms with late fee – 02-09-2016

Last date for receipt of the on-line PDF document (without late fee) – 30-08-2016
Last date for receipt of the on-line PDF document (with late fee) – 06-09-2016

5. Does on-line registration close at 5.30 P.M. on the last date or at midnight on the last date?

On-line registration closes at 5.30 P.M. on 2nd September, 2016 for November 2016 exams. Hence, take care to see that you fill in your on-line form early enough and do not rush at the last minute.

What to Do If Wrong Details are entered in Exam Form Nov 2016

Incorrect particulars are appearing in the PDF. What do I do ?

The PDF reflects what is filled up. We request you to be careful while filling and saving the form. If you have made the successful payment you can seek correction of the same. You can highlight the area wrongly entered/appearing in the PDF and mark the correction without disturbing any other area. Also SEPARATELY send a signed application quoting the registration number and control number intimating the correction required. Superscribe the envelope with as “Request for Correction Final-NOVEMBER, 2016” / “Request for Correction Intermediate (IPC) Exam-NOVEMBER, 2016” ) this is only for such case where centre/group are not wrongly entered hence please do not take is as general correction procedure.

6. How do I register on-line?

The steps involved in on-line registration are detailed on the home page on the portal under “Apply Online for Nov, 2016 >> How To Apply Online for Exams”. Visit
Do take care of the following:

DO NOT OPEN MORE THAN ONE SESSION AT THE SAME TIME ON THE SAME COMPUTER WHILE FILLING THE ONLINE FORM. ie; do not fill more than one form at the same time on the same computer even if you are filling the two applications using different browsers or different tabs of the same browser.

Clear the temporary internet files and cookies before filling up each form.

Fill up the form at a suitable time and from a location where you have a good bandwidth available using browsers Internet Explorer versions (7.0 onwards), Mozilla Firefox(4.0 onwards), Google Chrome(20.0 onwards) or Safari(3.2 onwards). Do NOT fill the form using mobile phones.

7. I am already registered with ICAI in the on-line exam registration portal, when I applied for an earlier attempt. Can I use the same log in ID and password this time?

No. You cannot use the user ID and password that you used during an earlier attempt since they change from exam to exam.

8. I forgot / did not get my password. What should I do?

Click on the “Forgot/did not get password” on the login screen. After selecting the exam applied and entering your registration number and date of birth, the email will be resent to you. If you continue to experience difficulties, you may contact the Help Desk at 18004192929 or 0120-3054851, 3054852, 3054853, 3054835, 4953751, 4953752, 4953753, 4953754 or send an email to Do quote your Student Registration number, Name, Fathers Name and Date of Birth while seeking these details.

9. While creating the user ID, I am directed to submit a provisional application? Why is it so?

Your identity as a student of ICAI is validated through your ten digit registration number ( like NRO0123456) , name of the course and your date of birth that you had entered while creating the user ID. If these fields do not match with that in the Institute’s database, the system would not provide you with user ID and password for submitting your on-line exam form.

Hence, please ensure that you fill in your student registration number as per the registration letter sent to you. You are advised to keep a copy of the letter from Board of Studies, ICAI registering you as a student of ICAI ready so that you can fill your registration number correctly.

Also ensure that you fill in your date of birth, as per the documents submitted by you to the Institute at the time of registration.

In case your details do not match with our records, we shall still issue the user ID and password, you will be permitted to submit a provisional application, subject to verification of documentary evidence.

Some of the errors committed by candidates while filling the on-line forms are as follows:

  • Your unique registration number typed on the on-line form may be different from the one that is communicated to you by the Board of Studies of the Institute.
  • Your unique registration number consists of 10 digits, i.e 3 alphabetical characters and 7 digits prefixed, of which the first digit is a “0” (zero). If you type “O” instead of “0” (zero), your identity cannot be validated by the system.
  • The date of birth you enter in the form may be different from the date of birth on the records of the Institute.

10. Who do I contact for technical support for my on-line application?

If you have successfully logged into the on-line application and need technical support, you can contact the Help line numbers mentioned on the home page or send an email to They will respond via email as soon as possible ( and within one business day). Please note that the Technical Help Desk can only answer technical questions; they cannot answer questions related to the exam, eligibility etc. Do quote your Student Registration number, Name, Fathers Name and Date of Birth while seeking these details.

11. I do not have credit/debit cards. What do I do?

Someone else can pay your exam fees, as long as you have their permission to do so.

Take care to give your details when filling in the on-line form. When paying for your exam, we’ll ask you for the cardholder’s details.

12. Can I use internet banking? How do I pay the exam fees on-line?

No. Payment of exam fees through internet banking is not permitted. You can make payment of exam fees by using master/visa/maestro credit/debit cards.

13. Can I make payment of exam fees by DD along with on-line forms?

No. Payment of exam fees by DD is not permitted along with on-line forms. You have to make on-line payment by using master/visa/maestro credit/debit cards only. However, you can make payment of exam fees by DD while you use physical OMR forms.

14. What is the late fee?

In addition to the exam fee as mentioned above, you will have to pay a late fee of Rs 600/-(USD 10/- as the case may be), if the form is submitted during the period from 24-02-2016 to 02-03-2016.

15. I filled in the on-line form and also paid the exam fees. However, when I saw the credit card/bank statement, I realized that the amount of the exam fees has been debited more than once in my account. It appears that I might have paid the exam fees more than once. Can I get a refund of the excess amount paid by me? What is the procedure for claiming the excess exam fee payment arising on account of multiple payments/lost transactions etc?

Multiple payments received by us, if any, for a single student (with same registration number), will be identified by the system and are refunded for the credit of the respective accounts from where they originated, by the office, within 45 days of the last date for submission of forms.

In case you have made payment of exam fees more than once and that is received by us for the same student registration number and you do not get a refund within 45 days from the last date for submission of forms, you can claim a refund of the excess amount paid by you, by writing to us within 60 days from the last date for submission of forms, along with documentary evidence, such as bank/credit card statement, of having paid the exam fees more than once. ICAI will verify the same and refund the excess amount, if any, paid by you.

16.Do I need to send any documents along with the print out?

Yes. You need to send the following along with the print out of your on-line application form, with photo, signature and attestation as required.

  • Certificate of service ( applicable to Final candidates only)

17. Can I change the particulars ( such as centre opted, medium opted or group opted etc) after submission of the on-line form?

No. Change of centre, medium or group is not permitted at this stage. Hence, it is suggested that you may check whether the details filled in by you are correct, before you submit the on-line form. You are also advised to keep a copy of the on-line form submitted by you, for your record, in your own interest. Please refer Guidance Notes and Institute’s web site for announcements regarding ‘Correction Window’

18. Is it alright if the print out of the on-line form is attested by any member of the Institute or should it be attested by my Principal only?

Your photo and signature and data on the on-line form submitted by you has to be attested by a member of the Institute or your Principal in the case of Final candidates. However in the case of Intermediate (IPC) Exam candidates, it may be got attested by a Gazetted Officer also.

19. What is “Unit Scheme”

“Unit scheme” refers to different combinations of papers of Intermediate (IPC) Examination which are required to be passed in one sitting (like a Group), meant for the candidates who have passed one of the groups in Intermediate Examination under the syllabus specified under Paragraph 2A of Schedule B of Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 ( i.e. Nov. 1994 or later) /PE II/ PCE in order to complete either one or both the groups of Intermediate (IPC) Examination. For more details visit in the students-examination section or the Guidance Notes for Intermediate (IPC) candidates on the home page (

20. When do I get admit card and how?

Physical admit cards in respect of those candidates who are found eligible will be sent to the candidates, generally 21 days prior to the commencement of examination. Physical admit cards will be sent to only those who had submitted physical OMR exam forms and are found eligible, by post, generally 21 days prior to the commencement of the examination. No physical admit cards will be sent to those who applied online. They will be required to print their admit cards from the above mentioned website. Admit cards with photograph and signatures of the candidates will also be hosted on generally 21days prior to the commencement of the examination. You can print your admit card from the from this website, which will be valid for admission to the examination.

21. Contact details:

a) E-mail: (Only for technical queries about on-line forms)

b) Phone:
0120-3054 851
0120-3054 852
0120-3054 853
0120-3054 835
0120-4953 751
0120-4953 752
0120-4953 753
0120-4953 754

c) Fax: 0120-3054 841, 3054843

d) By post:
The Deputy Secretary (Exams)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan
Indraprastha Marg
New Delhi 110 002

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  1. I got married in last month and I want to appear for May-17 CA Final exam. Now I have problem to apply for exam in what name. As with my old name with my father or new name with my husband. what is the procedure to change the name for this. Can I fill up the form in my old name? Please guide me.

  2. I have registered myself for ca final both groups for nov 16. But can i only give group 2 and if yes is their any procedure to be followed for the same?

  3. I already fill form for nov16
    now i want to cancel examination form
    is it possible ????

  4. i got admit card for both the groups for nov 2016 exam, but now i want to cancel the admission for one group, can i do so?

  5. I have entered my mobile no. in details which is not registered with any bank a/c
    But the payment I made with my sisters master card with correct details doesn’t help because I entered my mobile no. & there is no option to change it
    What should I do ?

  6. Hello sir
    I have attested my cpt exam form from ca and i didn’t attest the photo.

  7. Sir,,
    I have lost my login password to download my admit card for ipcc Nov 2016 exams,, also I have lost my email but I have mobile number which I given during registration,,
    Please help sir,,

  8. i got same examination centre for ipcc which i was written in last attempt.IS IT CORRECT PLEASE HELP ME


  10. Dear Sir, will i receive any intimation from ICAI regarding mistake in exam form?

  11. SIr,
    I have filled up the online exam form with the late fees but I have not submitted the physical PDF Copy of it to the branch. That happened because of lack of knowledge. Please let me know the solution now.

  12. Hello Sir
    I got exemption in advance accounts in IPCC may 16(but fail in 2nd group).Due to my mistake I don’t claim exemption in exam form for nov16. Next day I go ICAI BRANCH INDORE & tell them about this problem . They told me to write an application for this & I do the same & they send it along with exam form.
    Does now I am liable to fill on correction window.

  13. Sir i have filled the online IPCC form taken pdf.but not subbmitted it .if i submit now will i be charged late fee.

  14. i have filled online ipcc form for nov 16 without late fees. have not submitted the form yet. I will courier it on monday. will i be able to give exam ?
    can i cancel my exam form and re apply with late fee? if yes, what r d procedures?

  15. Hello I have some mistake by me I had send zeox copy of IPCC exam form and original I have what should I do

  16. Shailesh Meghanathi

    Exam form would be cancelled if it doesn’t reach before date of physical submission of exam form???

  17. Shailesh Meghanathi

    Sir i have written in exam form address as ADDITIONAL SECRETARY instead of DEPUTY.. should i need to resubmit the form??

  18. Sir I have committed a mistake in filling the form of CA final in group selection ,
    Whether I have to sent omr form of that with wrong discreption?

  19. PL DO REPLY. Hi sir, i’ve applied for ipcc. Made the payment and registered successfully. I also checked the application status which shows successful. But am not able to download the pdf. When i hit the download pdf button the site goes NOT FOUND. I also tried to apply again but the site doesnt allow me to register for the second time. Sadly the helpline desk is not answering my calls and doesnt mail me back. Could you pl guide me over this? Thanks.

    Sir I have registered for ipcc exam and had taken the print out before 26th August.The ICAI students portal says that the last day for receipt is 26th.I thought that the receipt date is on 30th of august.What will I do if it didn’t reach before cut off??Will it affect my exams?Please please reply soon.

    • Hi Neha

      Please submit your form at Your nearest ICAI brach office on or before 26th August 2016 or send your form via registers post at ICAI Delhi office address mention in above article as soon possible so your form is reach at icai before 30th August 2016.

  21. Sir i have filled ca final form online and posted to postal address as follows
    NEW DELHI 110002

    IS the address correct or should it be DEPUTY SEC.
    Should i resend the prints to the later designatory

  22. Can i send the form to Chennai ICAI or i have to send it to only Delhi?

  23. which date should be given cpt written date or results date but i gave my correct roll no in ipcc exam form

  24. Sir,this website says that last day of receipt of physical exam application form at the concerned office is 30th of August.But other sites say it is 26th August.Which date is correct?

  25. I have applied for Nov 2016 ipcc exams. because of some technical issues and errors the date of commencement of articleship training column seems nil in my application form and payment made successfully after this mistake…and u m direct entry scheme student so what to do for correction?

  26. Hy sir,
    I have attested and submitted my exam form from my principal for ipcc second group exam. But now realized that maybe a number is missing i.e. ‘0’ in the membership number. So whether it wil affect or not?

  27. I was filling ipcc grp 2 exam form online for nov 16, but i closes it in the mid. Now when i again logged in for filling the form, form is not opening. What should i do now?

  28. I have filled online form for Nov 2016 IPCC. Can I submit printed form by hand at icai office instead of posting it?

  29. I have completed ipcc group 1 and doing articles but o forgot to mention the details now i came under direct scheme what shall i do now

  30. Hello Sir/Madam,

    In my application form (November 2016) , Photo & signature is not available.
    Further on the top right side, ######(Hash) in redcolour is reflecting in all 4 pages of exam form.
    Please let me know the action required for the above queries from my end.

    Thanks in advance

  31. Hi sir/ mam
    I did a mistake in ca final exam application form by selecting wrong category of determining eligibility. I belong to category 5 i.e. completing articleship on or before 31 oct 2016. But mistakenly category 4 selected by me i.e serving last 6 months of service as on 1 nov , 2016.

  32. My Name is Heena.Earlier i register my ipcc via CPT Route.But I was not clearing did conversion in direct entry scheme in 2013.But while filling form Registeration/Conversion coming older one 2011.plse sugguest me what sholud i do now.because ipcc registeration is valid for 4 years. and in form its reflecting 2011.pls suggest me.

  33. How can i fill ipcc printout form for nov. 2016

  34. shruti khandelwal

    I had filled online exam form for ca final nov 2016 exam and i had sent the printout to delhi icai. I had given may 16 attempt also and exempted law but while filling form i filled exemption details but ommitted last apperance exam detail because it was not star marked. So was it neccesary field to be filled by me for taking exemption in nov 16 or is it okay.please reply soon.

  35. I have submitted my form online for IPCC.
    It is showing my photo and signature in pdf only .
    Do i need to get the form attested by ca before submitting.

  36. Hi Sir this is Imran I secured exemption in paper 1 of ca ipc in nov 2015 exam. I have not mentioned about this exemption in exam application form and i received pdf but i have not posted yet. Should i apply for correction?

  37. I am doing articleship since 3rd August 2016 and in my ipcc examination form I have filled date of commencement of articleship as 3rd August but I have yet not submitted my articleship from to icai is their any problem

  38. Dear Sir,
    I submitted my ipcc nov 2016 form at bkc some days before which was for both groups for 1st attempt. but some part of my study not completed yet so I want to appear only for Group I .
    Sir, Please guide me to do procedure to keep only one group.

  39. Hi sir this is salman actually I wanted to know wheather submission of ipcc online form without sign of ca/ principle is valid or I would face any problem because I am preparing in home without any coaching plz give a reply sir

    • Hi salman

      ICAI not issued any Guideline for these type of errors but as per my best knowledge your form is not valid, please again take print out of your form and attest your form and send to ICAI. Please also call to ICAI Examination Helpline number and tell them this problem and try to get solution form ICAI.

  40. Hello Sir
    My Query is during filing my exam form online i forget to fill the detail passing after November 1994, and respected sir i have cleared my ipcc g1. Already.
    sir what shoukd i do.

  41. Hello,
    Can I change sing in ca final exam form

  42. Hello Sir,

    When i logged into my account. It does not show me my photo and signature. It is displaying not available. My query is should i still fill the form even though it does not show me my photo and signature? Because in the exam form self declaration it says “please verify that the photo and signature are correct” (before making exam fees payment step)

    Please help.

    Niraj Jain

  43. Sir, there is a field named old article registration number while filling examination form ! Is it our registration number only (NRO) ? And sir pdf is generated, in certificate of service again there are 2 fields , first is old article registration number and second is new unique registration number. I have filled NRO in both fields! Is it ok?

    • Hi Mohit

      Not require to fill your NRO number in Old Registration Number Filed, only require to fill in New Registration Number Filed but if you already filed then don’t change anything send form to ICAI. You can not face any problem.

  44. I have applied for Nov 2016 Group 2 IPCC exams. I have requested that they update the photo and not use my previous photo. In my exam application print out, they have asked for my signature in a box on the left, and my photo in a box on the right. Ill have to sign in the box on the left which asks for signature, thats for sure. Should i also attest on my photo? And if yes, is self attestation required or attestation of a CA?

  45. Sir I filled exam form for nov 2016 ca final exams
    PDF Generated and photo and signature visible too
    But i am confused whether to take print out in black and white or colour
    and to send photo along with it and specimen signature?

  46. i have made payment twice and still pdf is not generating…what should i do now..plz help

  47. hiii

    Sir when my form fill up than my photo & sign automatically generated sir tell me what should be do right now . i do again photo attached or not

  48. I filled pee1 instead of cpt and also detail of ipce 1 instead of cpt.I have not paid fee yet.may I rectify or fill up complete form again

    • Hi shina

      If you are able to see edit option in your account then edit your application but if your are not see edit option then you are not able to register again and fill fresh form so make payment with wrong details and follow below procedure for correction

      You can highlight the area wrongly entered/appearing in the PDF and mark the correction without disturbing any other area. Also SEPARATELY send a signed application quoting the registration number and control number intimating the correction required. Superscribe the envelope with as “Request for Correction Final-NOVEMBER, 2016” / “Request for Correction Intermediate (IPC) Exam-NOVEMBER, 2016” ) this is only for such case where centre/group are not wrongly entered hence please do not take is as general correction procedur

  49. I have a problam in my final examination form.that in the declaration form i wrote my principal name and the form is signed by his partner then there is any problem arise for me in future???

    • Hi Arti manihar

      ICAI not issued any guideline for these type of errors so i am not able to help you regarding, please call to ICAI Exam Helpline.

      And as per my personal experience you can not face any problem but clarify from ICAI.

  50. Hello.. My Query is.. How do i submit the Online Exam Form to the Institute which i have already Taken the printout of the same after making the payment… Submitting it through Post or Can i Directly Submit it by Hand Delivery to the Nearest Branch of Icai… ??
    What document is required for attestation of the exam application form… Is the attestation required on the Original Printout or the Xerox one ???

  51. hiiii frnds…

    is there any problem for provisional candidates of ipcc nov 2016….he got PRV NO instead of SRO NO.

  52. I have download the pdf and have already photo n signature on it so now should i required to take coloured printout or black n white???

  53. Sir !
    I have already register for ipcc both group since june 2014. I have just faced ipcc may 16 examination but unfortunatly I failed.
    Now i filled the examination form for nov.16 but forgot to fulfill CPT detail in the form
    Does it make any problem…?
    Please help me sir.

    • Hi vivek dhariwal

      ICAI Not issued any guideline for that not enter any details is create problem or not create any problem so i am not able to say anything, Please call to ICAI Examination Helpline Number and ask from icai and as per my suggestion attach a application with your form with correct details and Before take any action please clarify from ICAI.

      • Thank you sir !
        You were right sir
        ICAI recommended me as you said, to send an application and cpt marksheet copy along with examination form.
        So again thanks for suggesting me.

  54. sir while giving my profile details my details are all correct as i from the state of mizoram but in case of final submission form it was written as arunachal pradesh i went back to the form for correctionbut my profile details are correct but in final submission i m getting wrng state name as the correction is not updated in the final application form i have made no payment through online what can i do for its correction in my application form? please reply sir as soon as possible

  55. sir I have taken the pdf from print out in the print out signature and photograph has been automatically generated I didn’t not affix any photograph or even I didn’t signed the pdf from I just attested it and sent it by post does it make any problem sir please help me I so much worried of it

  56. Hi sir,
    In June 2014 i registered as a provisional.. later i got SRO permanent Reg no. but while filling the exam form they give as provisional registered .. what to do.. please suggest me

  57. I have submitted the form, made payments.. Now I realised I made a mistake in filling form. I have given IPCE passing details correctly like roll number, year but I bymistakely selected CAT 1 which says Intermediate, instead of IPCE. Please guide.

  58. I hve sent form without attestation..bcz i am living in a remote area…. is there any problem?

  59. hi all
    i filled the details in my examination form (final) correctly except for one detail which is previous appearance details? what will be the procedure to correct if any?or will it not be bothering me at all?

  60. I am via direct entry scheme. So i will have to submit my certificate service(Duration – 9 months ) Will I have to draft a separate letter?

    • Hi Akshata Iyengar

      Certificate of Service is available on last page of your exam form sign that certificate from your principle and send to ICAI. in my best knowledge not require any separate letter, please also confirm from icai.

  61. Useful Link Brother… Keep up the good work… :thumbsup

  62. I forget to post my form on 26april bcoz i dont know last date of posting of examination form now on3rd march i post my examination form by speed post should i give exam?

  63. please tell me in cpt exam form in photo who is attested me or CA?

  64. Hello,I want to register for articleship. .in according I filled form 103. .and with attested academic certificates I sent it to institute (chennai branch).but my principal have not attested the marks sheets…marks sheets are attested my college principal. .will it be OK. ..or my registration will be cancelled. Please reply

  65. I completed GP.2 of ipcc.while i have applying for GP.1 in exam application,i have not mentioning the details of cpt roll no,etc&details of 2’GP there any problem

  66. Hello , my name is Mani jyothi. I did a mistake in ca final exam application form by typing wrong registration number (say CRO instead of SRO) and sent the same to the institute. Now i got the Admit card also for may 2016 attemt with wrong registration number, Please suggest me what can i do now for rectification.

  67. sir i applyd for may 2016 ipc exam though online…but my admit card is not found in websit..what should i do?

  68. Sir actuly my question is that i forgotten my IPCC sencond group feec submitte so what should i do pls help me can i submitte my feec which i forgotten pls give me a suggest

  69. Sir actuly my question is that i forgotten my IPCC sencond group feec submitte so what should i do pls help me

  70. Hello,my name is shahana m.I am already registered for old scheme cpt exam. But now i am writing my exam based on new scheme cpt exam.So now i wanted to ask u that what can i do,i have to register again for new scheme exam or not

  71. your article is very useful. i have a query about ca ipcc exams please give me the reply.i going to write 1st group of ca ipcc in Nov 2015 . how would i prepare for 2nd group in case of change in syllabus . will it be valid if i have passed 1st group

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