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Download All New Bihar VAT Forms – Updated

Download All New Bihar VAT Forms – Updated, Bihar Latest VAT Forms For filling Sale Tax Return, Download All Bihar VAT Form at one Place, Click here to below download links to download All VAT Forms. All VAT forms are available with single click download facility. So Now scroll down below and download ALL VAT Forms. Recently we are providing Procedure and Documents Required for VAT Registration In Rajasthan, A-I Application for registration under section 19(3), A-II Application for cancellation of certificate of registration under section 20, A-III Application for grant of certificate for non-deduction of tax form bills of a supplier registered. Now you can scroll down below n “Download All New Bihar VAT Forms – Updated”


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Download All New Bihar VAT Forms

Download all new bihar vat forms

Click Here to below download links to download Bihar Latest VAT Forms

Form NameDescription
A-IApplication for registration under section 19(3).
A-IIApplication for cancellation of certificate of registration under section 20.
A-IIIApplication for grant of certificate for non-deduction of tax form bills of a supplier registered.
A-IVApplication for grant of tax clearance certificate under Section 42.
A-VApplication for refund of amount forfeited under Section 44.
A-VIMemorandum of appeal under Section 72.
A-VIIApplication for revision under Section 73.
A-VIIIApplication for refund under Section 68.
A-IXApplication for provisional refund under Section 69.
A-XApplication for enrolment as Sales Tax Practitioner.
A-XIApplication under Section 15 – Permission to pay tax at a fixed rate.
A-XIIApplication for deferment under Section 96.
A-XIIIApplication for refund of advance deduction of tax under rule 29(2).
B-ISecurity Bond.
B-IIForm of Indemnity Bond.
C-ICertificate of Registration.
C-IICertificate of Tax Deducted At Source.
C-IIICertificate for Non-Deduction of Tax.
C-IVTax Clearance Certificate.
C-VOrder of Refund of Tax by Adjustment.
C-VIRefund Payment Order.
C-VIIAuthorization for Appearance before Taxing Authorities.
C-VIIICertificate for Deferment of Tax.
CH-IRegister of Dealers permitted to pay tax under Section 15.
D-IDeclaration stating name of the manager of business under Section 22.
D-IIForm for Declaration of Opening Stock under Section 95.
D-IIIForm of Declaration under Section 13.
D-IVForm of Declaration to be issued by Transferor.
D-VForm of Declaration by to be issued by Transferee.
D-VIForm of Challan.
D-VIIForm of Declaration under Section 62.
D-VIIIForm of Declaration for Intra-State Movement of Goods.
D-IXForm of Declaration for bringing goods from outside the State.
D-XForm of Declaration for Transporting Goods from within the State to any place outside the State
D-XIForm of Declaration to be filed by a Registered Dealer along with Form RT-I.
N-INotice under Sub-Section(1) of Section 24.
N-IINotice under Sub-Section(8) of Section 24.
N-IIINotice under Sub-Section(2) of Section 25.
N-IVNotice under Section 26.
N-VNotice of Hearing under Section 31.
N-VINotice of Hearing under Section 32.
N-VIICNotice of Hearing under Section 33.
N-VIIINotice of Demand under Section 25 and Section 39.
N-IXNotice of Hearing under Section 43
N-XNotice of Forfeiture under Section 44.
N-XINotice of Demand under Section 47.
N-XIINotice under Section 57(2).
N-XIIINotice in the Course of Survey under Section 58(2).
N-XIVNotice in the Course of Survey under Section 58(3).
N-XVNotice of Revision under Section 74.
N-XVINotice under clause (b) of sub-section (4) of Section 56.
O-IRefund Order under Bihar Value Added Tax Act, 2005.
RT-IQuarterly Return under Section 24.
RT-IIQuarterly Statement under Section 24.
RT-IIIAnnual Return under Section 24.
RT-IVQuarterly Return to be filed by Dealers paying tax under Section 15.
RT-VStatement under Section 41.
RT-VIRevised return filed under Section 24.
RT-VIIQuarterly Return to be furnished by Deducting Authority under Section 41.
RT-VIIIInformation under Section 58.
RT-IXForm of Return to be filed by Dealers under Section 24(1).
TAR-IForm of Tax Audit Report under Section 54.
TAR-IIDealers who are manufacturers.
TAR-IIDealers who are not manufacturers.
TAR-IIIDealers who are companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.
TAR-IIIDealers who are not companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.
TAR-IVForm of detailed flow of goods under Section 52.
TAR-VForm of Trading and Profit and Loss Account under Section 52 for dealers paying tax under Section 15.
VR-IRegister of Application for Registration.
VR-IIRegister of Forms D-III/D-XI issued.
VR-IIIRegister of Forms D-III/D-XI received.
VR-IVRegister of Returns.
VR-VRegister of Quarterly Statement under Section 24.
VR-VIRegister of Tax Clearance Certificates under Section 42.
VR-VIIVAT Register under Section 52.
VR-VIIIRegister to be maintained by clearing, forwarding or booking agent etc. under Section 59.
VR-IXRegister of Form D-VIII, DIX and D-X.
VR-XRegister of Sales Tax Practitioners enrolled.
VR-XIRegister of unrealizable dues under Section 92.
VR-XIIRegister of Dealers permitted to pay Tax under Section 15.
VR-XIIIRegister for Dealer paying tax under clause (a) of sub-section (2) of Section 13.

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