Download Maharashtra VAT E-Return Forms – Updated

Download Maharashtra VAT E-Return Forms – Updated. Download MAH VAT Electronic Forms for E-Return. Here we Provide all Maharashtra VAT (Sales Tax) E-Return Forms like – e Returns Annextures, Regular e-Returns Annextures, Form 231, Form 232, Form CST-III(E) etc. In This article you can find all forms for VAT E-return. Now you can scroll down below and Download Maharashtra Latest VAT E-Return Forms.


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Download Maharashtra VAT E-Return Forms – Updated

No.Form NumberDownload link
e-Returns Forms
1Annual-e-Returns Annextures  Annextures(For e-704 not eligible Dealers) V 2.0
2Regular e-Returns Annextures  Regular e-Return Annexure Version 1.0.0
3Form 231  For e-Returns 231 Version 1.8.2
4Form 232  For e-Returns 232 Version 1.8.2
5Form 233  For e-Returns 233 Version 1.8.2
6Form III-(B)  For e-PTRC Form III -(B) Version 1.8.3
7Form 234  For e-Returns 234 Version 1.8.2
8Form 424  For e-Returns 424 (TDS Return for Employer)
9Form 235  For e-Returns 235 Version 1.8.2
10Form CST-III(E)  Application for e-Returns CST-III(E) Version 1.8.2
11Form 8CForm 8C for Luxury Tax Version 1.8.2 
e-C Forms
12 CST Formse-Application for CST Forms
15PT Information Form Profession Tax Information form for Maharashtra Profession Act, 1975
16Annexure for DevelopersAnnexure for Developers
17Form 704Audit Report u/s 61-Version 2.0.2
18Form 501Application for Refund-Version 1.3.0

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