CA Final, CA IPCC Revaluation Result Nov 2016 – Check Here

Ipcc Nov 2016 Revaluation Results. Check CA Final Revaluation Result Nov 2016.CA Final, CA IPCC Revaluation Result Nov 2016. Here we are Providing procedure for Check Revaluation Result of CA Final Nov 2016 Exams and Revaluation Result of CA IPCC Nov 2016 Exams. CA Final Verification of Answer Books Result Nov 2016, CA IPCC Verification of Answer Books Result Nov 2016, CA Final Inspection of Certified Books Result Nov 2016, CA IPCC Inspection of Certified Books Result Nov 2016. After Providing Procedure for  Inspection of IPCC, Final Answer Sheets & Marks Nov 2016 and Verification of Answer books of IPCC, CA Final Nov 2016. Now we are providing Exact links for Check Revaluation Result Nov 2016 Exams. You can check Status of Certified Copies, Verification of Copies, Inspection of Copies from Below. In This Article You can Check  Result of Inspection Or Certified Copies Application For Nov 2016 Exams and Check Result of Application for Verification of Answer Books. Now you can scroll down below and Check CA Final and CA IPCC Revaluation Result Nov 2016


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Check CA Final and CA IPCC Revaluation Result

CA Final, CA IPCC Revaluation Result Nov 2016

CA Final, CA IPCC Revaluation Result Nov 2016 is available now, Please follow below procedure to check your revaluation result…

  • Step 1: First you need to visit ICAI official exam related website
  • Step 2: Please Login by using your user ID & Password generated at the time of filing of exam form or if you not remember password then please forget your password
  • Step 3: Now click on “check outcome” in front of ” Verification – NOV 2016
  • Step 4: if you haven’t filed valuation then it will show “closed”
  • Step 5: and if it showed ” NO DISPARACY ” then it means no change in result

Check CA Final and CA IPCC Revaluation Result May 2016

CA IPCC Inspection Or Certified Copies Result

Hi Friends CA IPCC and CA Final Result May 2016 is Declared and Many Students are applied for Revaluation of Answer Sheets so here we provide complete details for CA Final Revaluation Result May 2016 and CA IPCC Revaluation Result May 2016. CA Final Revaluation and Verification is available and CA IPCC Revaluation Result and Verification result is also available. Keep visit to our site we update this article when ICAI Declared CA Revaluations Results may 2016.

Steps to Check CA Final, CA IPCC Revaluation Result May 2016

We Provide Exact Direct Link for Checking Revaluation Result of May 2016 Exams From Below

  • Step 1 – First Every Student require to visit ICAI Official Exam Form Website
  • Step 2 – After Visit on official Website, Please Click on “Verification, Inspection and Certified Application Nov 2016
  • Step 3 – Now a Pop up Window is Open and you will find Complete details for Verification, Inspection and Certified Application. 
  • Step 4 – Now Please Click on “Check Outcome”
  • Step 5 – Now New Window is Open and Now please select your Examination like – CA IPCC or CA Final, Also Enter your roll number and Personal Identification Number and Click on “Check Status”
  • Step 5 – Now you Status is appeared on your computer or mobile screen, if you are not able to see your status then please contact to icai as soon possible.

Check Result of Application for Verification of Answer Books.

Check Result of Inspection Or Certified Copies Application

  1. Click Here to Check CA Final Inspection Or Certified Copies Result For May 2016 exams 
  2. Click Here to Check CA IPCC Inspection Or Certified Copies Result For May 2016 exams

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  1. Sir, I have applied physically by post for verification of answer sheet for CA IPCE NOVEMBER 2016 but have not received any responseyet from their side .
    Please help what should I do now.

  2. Sir , I have applied for verification of answer sheet of cost accounting and financial management for IPC November2016 attempt but haven’t received any outcome and as per your guidelines I have also checked by logging into my account on CA site but it is showing closed in front of the verification option . I have also mailed to the CA helpline but got no response from them.
    Sir please help me what should I do now.

  3. I got my 1 st group cleared,but mrksheet has not been dispached till now,i have applied for may attempt what should i do now?

  4. Sir i have applied for revaluation of ipcc exam november 2016 and still I haven’t got kindly show me the way..Thank you

  5. Sir i did not get my revaluation result till now . Sir please help me what should i do sir please guide me i request you

  6. i applied for re totaling for one paper as i got 58 nd today status is showing exemption in paper 6 ISCA but i m not able to see my marks.. How many marks it as increased and as i have applied for both groups again i have not mentioned exemption in hall ticket. So how do i claim exemption? pls help out

  7. Sir, mera ipcc verification ka result abhi tak nahi aya ,aur mene icai call kiya to unhone kha abhi kam se kam 10 din aur lagenge .sir, what should i do, and have you any idea why they are taking so much time.



    • i applied for re totaling for one paper as i got 58 nd today status is showing exemption in paper 6 ISCA but i m not able to see my marks.. How many marks it as increased and as i have applied for both groups again i have not mentioned exemption in hall ticket. So how do i claim exemption? pls help out

  8. sir i have applied for verification of ca final nov 2106 exam manually,
    but i have not received any reply till today..plz let me knw how should i check my verification status and when can i expect my result

  9. Dharmendra longwani

    Sir ,i applied for verification of ipcc on 27 feb but i did not get my result till now .please guide what should i do in that situation.

  10. I applied for verification-Nov 2016 the status showed:NO CHANGE IN RESULT/EXEMPTION-ONLY CHANGE IN MARKS-REVISED MARKS STATEMENT ISSUED what does that mean???

  11. Sir ,please ans my query

  12. Sir ,i applied for verification of ipcc on 2 feb but i did not get my result till now .please guide what should i do in that situation.

  13. sir I have applied for IPCC Reval and certified copies on 7 Feb 2016 and
    I have not received copies still ..
    almost all of my frienda have received their copies…
    I have call and mail many time ….but not received and answer….
    I obtained marks ….
    Adv ac – 63
    audit – 53
    itsm – 33 …
    is there any chance of increasing of marks ..

  14. My status shows grp 1 passed then wt to do now??

  15. I applied for certified copies of my answer sheets on 11-02-2017 in regard to Nov’16 finall examination and haven’t received any reply till now. I have mailed them several times and there is no reply. The official website shows that application under process but mostly all students have gotteb answer sheets by now. What can I do regarding this?

  16. Hello Sir,
    I have applied for certified copies of answer sheet,but on my window it is showing closed…
    What should I do? please help me..

  17. So far My status is” application received & under process””

  18. anybody got the verification result of ipcc

  19. Was you receive mail that your result come?

  20. Where to check our revaluation results plz suggest me

  21. sir i have applied for certified copies…..nw there is a status showing COMPIANCE AWAITED-DECLARATION REQUIRED…..what does this exactly means??

    • I AM NOT 100% SURE BUT MAY BE……

      It means that Institute demanded a declaration from you.

      It will be a written declaration which will be send by mail as given or did you made attachment for valuation was not right….

      As I know the Institute have send you mail in this regards. Check your mail.


  23. Has anyone received ipcc nov 16 revaluation result?

  24. Sir when is revaluation result of nov 2016

  25. Any one know where we can check our ipcc revaluation of nov 2016 status???

    • I Have Filled On line request for valuation
      just go to this site
      then log in
      and click on “check outcome” in front of ” Verification – NOV 2016″
      if you haven’t filed valuation then it will show “closed”
      and if it showed ” NO DISPARACY ”
      then it means no change in result
      Best OF Luck…………..

      • But i sent the application for revaluation physically….. then ..?

        • its ok there are 2 ways to do it
          you have sent a demand draft (DD)
          with the application for request of valuation of marks
          just ensure that its hand written by you in your handwriting,
          printed one would be rejected
          and the language in Hindi language if the medium of examination was Hindi else in English
          there is not particular format for application
          Best OF LucK

  26. anyone received the nov 2016 revaluation result of ipcc papers ?

  27. Sir ,when the resut of verification of nov 16 ipcc will come?

  28. Anyone got revaluation result of IPCC? I got 191 in grp 1 . eagerly waiting for results besides preparation bcoz i wrote costing & fm very well but i got 44.

  29. I got 37 marks in auditing in normal results& i got 31 marks in certified copies.what’ s the reason?

  30. Has anybody apply for verification of nov 16 ipcc has received the result.

    • my friend had got it but number didn’t increase but mostly there are chances when result comes late number may increase…………………………

  31. i have got 210 in November 2016 group 1 exams
    62 in Accounting
    55 in Business law
    63 in cost and FM
    30 in Tax
    i have filed valuation for tax and business law , i have attempted 90+ paper of Tax and i know i have got less marks , now its showing status ” your application in process “….
    how much time it will take and R there any chances my number increase….???
    i filled valuation on 3rd day of result but its still not arrived yet and my one of friend had got it……

  32. Has anybody applied for certified copies of nov 16 attempt…And hv u received? Any changes?

  33. Is anyone still waiting to get ca verification result for IPCC May 2016?
    some of my friends are already have result but when i check it is showing “No record found”. i failed in Group1 for 2 mark. i hv total 210 and 38 in cost Accounting. its 3rd time , previously it was 38 in BL. when i was calling they are saying wait…how loag i will wait? when i email ..i donot get any response

    Is anyone still waiting to get ca verification result for IPCC May 2016? please suggest me something .. how i will know m result ? only one month left for exam ..

    Is anyone still waiting to get ca verification result for IPCC May 2016?

  34. ISir I applied for reverification of marks on 25/07/2016 but still status shown as your application under process. i heard that last date for revalution results is 20/09/2016 but even today that is on 28/09/2016 i cheked for results the dtatus is same aplication under process . please any tell me the contact number for reverification

  35. Is anyone still waiting to get ca final certified copies???

  36. @ SJ .. how many marks increased in your case and have u received ur Certified Copies??

  37. Can please any one tell me that till date what is the highest increase through verification.

  38. Any one got positive result from IPCC May 2016 verification or certified copies result?

  39. One of my friend applied for both the group and yesterday he got the verification result… guess wat?…. passed in both group… haha yes its true…. he was having 192 in each group… now he is a CA…. dont loose the hope…stay positive

  40. Any one got positive result from IPCC May 2016 verification result??

  41. It’s been so long since I’ve applied for the verification and on the pretext of waiting for the results not yet started studying….!

  42. Revised marksheet sent but no change in result or exemption

  43. And the hope is over… 190 it was, 190 it is… they didnt even increased 1 marks which i was begging… 59 in mafa… urghhhh

  44. Hello Friends..
    My “Verification” status suddenly changed from “Application under process”.. to “COMPLIANCE AWAITED : HANDWRITTEN APPLICATION REQUIRED”..

    Why is that happening.. bcoz i already made online application along with Handwritten Application as it is mandatory..pls Help

    If at I resend where can i send the same as the portal for online verification request has CLOSED??????……Plzzzzzzzzz helppppp..

  45. I have applied for reverification on 20th july, status showing as under process, can anyone help me why this showing as such since long time. will there be any chances of increase of marks. i got 183 in total.

  46. I have applied on 2nd of august… but still its showing application under progress… got 190 in first group with 59 in mafa… let see whats in my fate.

    • bro, I’ve applied on 21 july..still under process

      • Even i applied on the same date. Do you have any idea what could be the reason for this delay?
        Do you firmly believe that there could be an increase in marks?
        Can we assume something like, they had missed to value few question n cz they have to value it n give it to us it takes time..
        Do you know anyone cleared in revaluation?
        Do they keep all the papers where there is change in marks to be processed in the last lot?
        If no one has received positive result till date, it is logical to assume that they process those answer sheet with change in marks at the last.

        • There are so many students whose application is still under process, so i don’t think that this delay is because of changes in marks.
          Rarely some got a good luck to have a better result than the original one.

          My friend, who had applied for reverification in November 2014 exam, she got an increase of 9 marks and cleared 1st group, she got re-verification result after waiting for almost 1 and half month.

          Honestly speaking even i don’t have any hope from reverification, so in my opinion we need to concentrate on nov’16 preparation, no other option is available. If we hope for it then it seems to be difficult to concentrate on next attempt. Let’s see what will come out from there…good nyt

  47. Hey, how many are there still waiting for result?

    @MILI, we haven’t heard from you for a long time. What is the status of your result?

  48. Hey.. I have received my Certified Copies..

  49. @SJ.. have u received ur Certified Copies details related mail ?????????????

  50. There is also time limit of 10 days for downloading Certified Copies from the date of hosting.. if Certified Copies are hosted then must get mail by tomorrow…

  51. Guys, no change in my status.
    @SJ, is there any change in ur marks? please let us know

    • There is a change in marks because the status is “Revised marklist issued but no change in result”..
      Though I don’t know how many.. Coz I haven’t recd that marksheet.. But it dsnt matter now coz the result is still the same.. i.e Fail.

    • My status is still showing application received and under process

  52. Hey I have received Revised Mark sheet at my home with an increase of 1 Mark in SFM and no change in Result..

  53. Hey Guys.. Now my Result Status Shown as “Revised Marks Statement but no change in Result. Certified Copies will be hosted shortly. “

  54. Every time they are giving Different different answers.. don’t know which answer is right ??????

  55. u said that your many friends received Certified Copies.. whether they have received Revised Marks sheet or Result of the same at home ?????

  56. I called to that number again. Now they are saying that i will receive it within sep 20th.

    @SJ did u again call to that number? Heard any thing like revised mark sheet has been sent as it happened to nikita?

    • Hey no I didn’t call again..
      When I called them last time.. they said that you’ll get your result by 20th and even they can’t tell the exact date when we will receive the certified copies..
      And that they’ve sent the revised marksheets to everyone whose marks have changed.. Though they didn’t tell me if my result changed or not..

      • Oh , Does it mean that there is no change in our marks? If they have sent revised mark sheet to us, they would have told right…, as they told to nikita..

      • But he didn’t even ask my roll number. He said that his system is down.. So I can’t do anything..

        • Yaa right..even I had also called today gave me different answer. I will Receive Certified Copies up to and also he didn’t check my roll number.. and directly given this type of answer that we should wait for 20th Sept..

          God knows what will happen????????????????????????

  57. Any news of positive result in ca final may 2016? In verification or cc?

  58. Hey.. I have called there yesterday and they said that Revised Marks sheet already sent in Post to you and Online Result Status also will be updated. But still result status shown as Application Under Process… is there anyone here with whom happened the same thing..??????????

  59. CA final revaluation results kon si site par aata h

  60. Hey .. I am also getting a problem here…I applied for Re totalling for 5 papers online and when I check my status it comes , “Handwritten Application Required” .. Does anyone know what does it mean ?????.. Plz help

  61. may anyone tell us what it is mean by result under processing and how long still shall be waited for result?

  62. Does anyone got their verification results for IPCC may 16?

  63. sir, may you tell us what it is mean by result under processing and how long still shall be waited for result?

  64. Hey Guys..
    My “Certified Copies” status suddenly changed from “Application under process”.. to “Record not Found”..
    Why is that happening.. pls Help

  65. If Anyone receives Certified Copies for CA Final May 2016 or Result of the same , then please update here..

  66. I think I have to wait till 10th September. That’s what institute told me when I called

  67. Sir i got 194 in grp 1 ipc. .. is there any chance of hike in revaluation

  68. I applied for certified copies of my answer sheets on 20/7/2016. i e immediately after results. Normally they give the certified copies within 30 days from the date of application. It has been more than one month in my case, but the result status still shows “Application under process”.
    what has to be done now. when can i expect my answer sheets?

    • That is exactly my situation.. everytime I call them they say it’ll come in a day or two.. but many people have started receiving.. even those who applied later than us.. Don’t know why are they not giving it to us!

    • Many of my friends who applied much later than me got their copies.(Most of them got within 15 days from the date of application).

      If you have applied for both certified copy and verification, it will take time(Normally 6 to 8 weeks). But i have applied only for certified copies. Don’t know why it takes time.

      • I also applied for Certified Copies only.. I have not applied for verification.. still I have not received..!!!

      • Have you called there on this number ?? 0120- 3054839 and said that your many friends started receiving Certified Copies…?? Then why delay in our case only even if applied much earlier than them and for only certified copies..

        • I did not call. what did they say when you called?

          • They said that u will receive up to 10th September… I think one time u should call on that number

          • I too called today. They told the same thing to me also.

            Was there anything wrong with your declaration? Like did you get any mail saying declaration is not visible?

            because i got such a mail and i sent my declaration again to that mail id. They are saying because of improper declaration it got delayed. And they said i will get it by 10 of September.

            I sent my revised declaration on 26th of July

          • Even I had called on this number..
            They said it’ll come by 16th Sept..
            I don’t understand.. I applied on the first day and why do I get it after 2 months.. Plus they’re saying even this is a tentative date. :/

          • Noo.. I have not received any mail regarding the Same that Declaration is not visible..

    • Exactly.. I applied just for certified copies of 3 subjects.. I hope they come by this month end!

    • I have applied for verification on 20th july itself and applied certified copy few days after. Is that the reason i am not getting my result?

      • If you have applied for both verification and certified copy, it may take 6- 8 weeks to provide the certified copy.If you have applied only for certified copy normally they will give within 30 days.(This is as per the FAQ on ICAI website)

        • They will give both result at the same time or verification first as i have applied it earlier

          • As per my knowledge application for verification will be considered first(I’m not sure). It is not because u applied for it first. If someone applies for both verification and certified copy, application for verification will be considered first. That’s the reason they take time to provide certified copies to students who have applied for both.

    • verify ur mail

  69. Has anyone received the may 2016 final certified copies or revaluation result?
    Kindly reply. .

  70. hey are there any chance to clear a group from revalaution…?

  71. i hope that institute give positive mark in ipcc taxation.

  72. I got 33 marks in ipcc taxation.but i expect more than 70 marks.i applied for verification & photocopy of answersheet..i hope that institute give positive mark in taxation.let see what happen

  73. Sir.. I had given my final papers second group for certified copies. But now when I search for status I find record not found. .when í checked for application status it shows transaction successful. Please help.

  74. Yesterday while filling the particulars of exam form for IPCE Gr 2 Nov16 exam, I by mistake entered wrong information in one of the options. In the option of Partial Intermediate/IPCE Exam passing details, I have entered invalid Roll number as well as Passing Month & Year. I realised my mistake after I generated the pdf file. I have made the payment but didn’t posted the hard copy yet . I am in a fix now. Please help me.

    • Hi Shivam Mantri

      After filing exam form you are not able to edit any area of form via online mode and please also not edit in offline mode, contact to ICAI Telephone Numbers: 0120-3054 851, 3054 852 , 3054 853, 3054 835,4953 751, 4953 752, 4953 753, 4953 754.
      Fax Number: 0120-3054 841, 3054 843 and also send mail to ICAI E-mail address:, ICAI Send you solution in next working days.

  75. I received certified copies with no change in marks but there are 2 questions unchecked in accounts worth 32 marks and my status shows application received and under process.
    What inference should I draw? I literally need guidance.
    Please help me out.

    • Priya call at 0120-4345620 and ask them whn i wll get my revel resuly..if they will say tht there r some changes in it thn u wll get pass…ask thm sir/madam..r there any changes..though officially they cnt say anything to u..but they cn give u hint..

  76. I applied on 3rd of feb itself..but i received mail frm ICAI tht bcz of some incomplete formalities iy need to apply agn for agn i applied on 21feb..and i havent received any mail frm icai regarding result purpose .i jst checked it on icai website(google it”ipcc revaluation result nov.2015″) ..the mail only i received frm icai is of certified copies tht too yesterday night(2days after revel result)..and thnks priya 🙂

  77. i am still waiting for my revalution result…

  78. Cleared group second in revaluation

  79. Cleared first grp in nov 15 but got 57,72,33 respectively in group 2(ipcc)…applied for certified copies and revaluation…no responses yet 🙁

  80. I have also not received any mail for certified copies and inspection…i cleared my first grp in nov2015 but in second grp i got 57,72,33 respectively… So i applied for certified copies nd revel…but no responses yet 🙁

  81. I haven’t received any mail yet.anyone out there waiting like me and is there nyone with positive response

  82. recieved status change in marks but no change in result

  83. Hai Friends, I applied 2nd group of ipcc for revaluation. i got 54,55,34 respectively. i have given my best in it & sm paper, is there any possibility to pass, still my revaluation status is showing application recieved under process.pls tell what to do now.

    • My problem is same. I had applied for certified copy but still result shown application under process. I don’t understand how much tym they want to declare result.

  84. when did u aplied(date) mounica ?

  85. got my certified copies yesterday night …..but no change in marks 🙁

  86. how many of u are waiting for result?

  87. Is it true that later the result tends to pe positive

  88. When will I receive my certified copies through email?

  89. any positive response frm ipcc revaluation result ?

  90. I applied on 10th feb nd I got d result yesterday…..

  91. I have applied for revaluation
    On 14/3/16 my status was no dispencary in marks
    Bt from 16/3/16 it is application recieved under process
    Now what should i do???

  92. ria when did u aplied(date) and when u received the status …

  93. I hv got the result
    its showing change in marks only, no result /exemption , revised statement issued
    can u advice me wat to do now???

  94. any1 got the result

  95. Hello Sir, my revaluation result status is showing as”Change in marks only, no change in result/Exemption Revised Marks statement issued”..No Change in result but what does it mean” Exemption revised statement issued”

  96. While
    checking my status I am getting records not found plz help me what that it mean and what I have to do now plz help me friends

  97. Has any one got there ipcc certified copies

  98. caled icai they adviced me to wait til 31 march …

  99. i had aplied on 21 jan .. It is stil showing aplication under proces .. How long it takes to proces

  100. haven’t received my certified copies yet as it says “APPLICATION RECIEVED UNDER PROCESS” pata nahi kab tak aiga.. have received msg from icai that they have sent password in my email but nothing has been sent..

  101. has the result of revaluation come?

  102. anybody got positive result ?

  103. some questions are awarded 00 marks though they have corrected it & for some questions stepwise marks have not been awarded. what can i do now? please suggest me.

  104. whether papers sent to mail are final or still they have to be valued & again will be sent to mail or home

  105. my result is showing result not found . what does it mean . please help me.

  106. Sir my revaluation result of CA IPCC are showing that under progress till what time it will be out??

  107. My status shows that record is not found! I have applied for certified copies!

    • Check at result of inspection or certified copy not on revaluation of copy. And remember all field r correct. Bcoz it doesn’t show incorrect

  108. hey frnds
    plz help if anyone is having any contact details of icai…

  109. Hi…
    Anyone who got positive results in ipcc verification nov 2015

  110. i have applied for revaluation when i check my result it shows record not found .what does it mean

  111. I have applied for certified copies! will I get answer sheets at registered address? if yes then when? any positive response till now?

  112. No i didn’t clear grp 2(nov 2015) yet. And don’t know what to do. My copy shows marks like this “18.5 = 9” of Information technology. So plz tell what i needed to do now. And i have make total of marks it is 18.5, 9 marks in marks awared i don’t know how it is.

  113. I have applied for certified copy of ipc and there is change in marks as it shown 19 and icai given me 9 in inf. Technology nd still result shown in progress. And also they given me 30 instead of 27 (as IT 9 mrks and SM 18 marks). So plz help if i got increased marks with 10. Can i get pass in itsm paper

  114. still in process yaar
    i think result is going to come after may 2016……
    Is dere any1 who can contact ICAI nd let us know d final result date of ipc revaluation ?

  115. Its showing ‘record not found’ what does this mean…. pzz help me out…

    • Relax you don’t need to worry about it, one after other results will be declared and soon screen will display with transaction in process.

  116. plz let me know if result is going to cum in march of ipc revaluation… my batch evryone’s result is out but only mine is under process…..

  117. Did any one get any positive response from revaluation?

  118. When will be d revaluation result plz help me ????

  119. sir when i enter my roll no and other details for my reverification of nov 2015 results . i am getting record not found , is my application is under process or not please guide me sir.

  120. Has anyone received ipcc revaluation result of Nov 15??

  121. when will the ipcc reverification results be out…. They are just showing “application received nd transaction under process”. How mch more time will it take..

  122. There is no result out coming…when I enter my no. and pin it gives as APPLICATION RECEIVED AND UNDER PROCESS please provide link guyysss…..

  123. Hello bhayya Im Sravan I got 59 mrks in law of there any chance for exception ??? or can I start preparation lll

  124. When is the revaluation result of ipcc Nov 2015 gonna be out?

  125. Hi bhayya only recounting or full revaluation of paper plz send fastly raju bhayya

  126. When is the revaluation result of IPCC Nov 2015

  127. How to check revaluation result of ca ipcc for nov 2015. Only Ca Final result was available in the link u provided above..

  128. Sir any idea when revaluation results are gonna be out.

  129. Sir i forgetten to wirte communication add. On my cpt revaluation letter is there any problem… and how would i know that result is out plzzz help me plzz….

  130. My mark in taxation was 57 in ipcc nov 15 can i get exemption in reverification..kindly tell me sir..

  131. my name is manikanta i got 152 marks in group 2 in nov 2015 attempt, but failed in it & sm with 32 marks and two exemptions, one in may 2015 auditing 60 , and now 60 in advanced accounting i.e( nov 2015) can i avail both exemptions are only one exemption. my marks shown as advanced accounting 60, auditing 60E ,IT & SM 32 total 152(fail), i have interested to make verification of my answer sheet. is it better decision or not

  132. Sir i got 144 in group ll of ipcc is there any chance that i can pass by rechecking

  133. how todownload any file from this site? i want companies act 2013 amendments for grp 2 please help

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